• My Go-To Wellness Resources

    I am always learning new techniques and modalities in the Wellness World.
    Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Are you ready to step into your divine power?

    We’ve got news for you, YOU hold the key to your own emotional and financial wellbeing. You are an empowered soul, you are loved by the divine, you are abundance.


    There is a connection between your inner child and your subconscious patterns that is holding you in a stuck state, and that’s why we combined Erin’s Intuitive Sacred Freedom Technique with Leah’s absolute powerhouse RTT Hypnotherapy training and Danielle’s Intuitive Empowered Sacred Healing and meditation to create 5 self-lead programs for you to step into the realm of infinite possibilities.

    Your soul is calling to you to rise, level up, love yourself freely and completely. Will you answer the call?

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    Erin Foggoa is an Intuitive Artist, Practitioner of the Sacred Freedom Technique, Apprenticing Shamanistic Healer, author of two books, owner of five businesses, and mother of two.

    Erin as a mother and serial entrepreneur learned to use the Sacred Freedom technique on herself as a way to stay balanced and mentally well in times of challenge in both her business and home life. She then became so passionate about how rapidly she could transform herself from a state of fear and back to love, that she felt called to bring this gift to others.​

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    Danielle Laura is a two time number one bestselling and award-winning author, Human Design & Gene Keys Expert Strategist, internationally acclaimed Spiritual Advisor, and founder of the H.O.T. Method™.

    In her private work, she guides conscious companies, celebrities, and power couples around the globe in igniting their innate gifting and mastering their energetics in order to embody their mission, amplify impact, and experience deep connection and fulfillment.

    A recognized authority on energetic mastery, relationships, and spiritual gifting in business, Danielle has been featured in over 30 international publications and podcasts, including Authority Magazine, HuffPost, Reader’s Digest, Thrive Global, and more.

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    Leah Crescenzo believes the places in life that are causing you the most difficulty are places of hidden treasure and freedom. She believes your issues can be used to bring you closer to your truest self – your happiest, most fulfilled, and totally free self. As a hypnotherapist and transformational coach she works with individuals to feel empowered, balanced and free by tapping into the transformative magic of the mind.

    Combining the three skillsets of Danielle Laura, Leah Crescenzo and Erin Foggoa, we have designed 5 programs for you that are self-lead, meaning you have the power to dive in and step out at will, you make your own schedule.


    Each subject has been designed to be used for one month, but you can do this your way. In each package you will be given a morning meditation session, for maximum up-level and starting your day at your highest vibration. There are 2-3 EFT and ho’oponopono sessions with a bit of light writing work to magnify your release and impact. End your evening on the perfect frequency with a powerful RTT Hypnotherapy session to maximize deep healing and allowing.


    We wanted to make this powerful transformational toolkit available for anyone and everyone, so the sessions are each only $33, and you can purchase the entire bundle for a discounted rate of $133.

  • Meditation

    There are two pandemics happening right now: one is a virus... the other is stress. Thankfully, we already have a cure for the stress pandemic…. it’s called meditation.


    My dear friend and meditation teacher, Emily Fletcher created the Ziva Meditation Self Care Center - full of powerful tools to help you transition from worrier to warrior.


    Inside are guided visualizations, global meditations, bodywork + movement resources, conversations with guest experts and tools for kids and parents. The best part? It's all free.


    Head here to get access to the Self Care Center now. Let's come out of this time more resilient than we started.


    Preview zivaONLINE to test drive the first three days of meditation for extraordinary performance!

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  • Mind

    Paraliminals are some of the best technology I have found for reprograming your mind. I am grateful to be partnering with Learning Strategies, a company established over 30 years ago, dedicated to "whole brain learning". Almost anything is possible with Paraliminals. The break-through technologies of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and whole brain learning, coupled with over two decades of research and field work by Paul R. Scheele, have made it possible in just 20 minutes a day, even while you're sleeping. These are not magical or mystical – they are simply the best, easy-to-use tools available today. Simply listen with headphones and allow a new, fresh mindset to emerge. When you get your Paraliminal download or CD you will discover a new world of personal achievement. You will discover that you won’t have to listen to your recordings over and over, because you will get results with each listening. Learning Strategies knows you will be satisfied, and they guarantee it. Order today, download or they’ll ship your satisfaction-guaranteed CD(s) via first class mail anywhere in the world.

  • Nutrition

    Busy Bee Organics is an established, unique meal prep company local to Jersey City and Hoboken. Their fully prepared meals are designed with your health and busy schedule in mind. Busy Bee was established in 2014 and focuses on making your life easier through “peace of mind” organic, nutrient-dense ingredients meant to help you power through your day.


    All of their meals are plant based, gluten-free and dairy-free to start with your choice to add on a responsibly raised meat or cheese to any dish! Vegetarian? Vegan? Paleo? No problem, they have your back- All meals are customizable to your preference!


    In addition to meal delivery, Busy Bee offers the monthly BEETOX and cooking classes with Chef Michelle.


    Enjoy ease and peace of mind with fully prepared meals that are nutrient dense, health supportive and delicious way!

  • Workout LIVE

    Jane DO LIVE provides the classes you know and love, by talented trainers LIVE. Why I love Jane Do Livestream - I show up wearing whatever, if it's a slower moving day for me I can maintaining my own pace, and the chat is ALWAYS fun!


    All LIVE classes will be booked via their new Livestream Schedule Page while #SocialDistancing, so click the link here to signup for your class and they will email you a LIVE LINK 30 minutes before class starts.

  • Free Download

    Please enjoy this FREE Guided Visualization Download that I created for the Janes of Jane Do!
    Check these badasses out over at JaneDO.com

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  • About Access Meditation

    Access Meditation is extremely “user-friendly”. It de-excites your mind and settles your body into a state of deep rest and relaxation automatically and spontaneously without any effort, focus or concentration, or attempting to control your mind or suppress thoughts.


    It consists of two proprietary techniques that when used in a specific sequence produce remarkably powerful results: relief from anxiety, depression, and insomnia; increased mental clarity, creativity, and productivity and athletic performance; and improved immune function, overall health, and well-being.


    Access Meditation is unique in that it leverages the mind-body connection in two directions. It takes both a “bottom-up” approach (body influencing the mind) through a breathing technique and a “top-down” approach (mind influencing the body) through a mental technique.