The role of the Subconscious

Has your computer ever malfunctioned when you needed it it the most - like during a crucial work presentation or when submitting an important assignment?


Have you ever experienced a sudden illness or health issue that ends up disrupting your big, exciting plan meet a someone new or travel somewhere fun?

If the subconscious mind is running 95-99% of your reality, it’s more than likely it’s created this unfortunate event.

Why?? Not bc the subconscious is evil and wants to sabotage you every step of the way. But because the subconscious wants to protect you. Protect you from getting hurt again. Protect you from putting yourself out there, being seen and, in turn, possibly rejected. After all, the minds job is to avoid rejection and create connection.

There are two options for when you notice the subconscious offering unsolicited protection:

  1. Kick and scream and think why me! (Which perpetuates the victim energy)
  2. My world is taking care of me. (Which, it always is)

I’ll choose option two.

Keeping our energy high is vitally important when trying to create a vibrant, happy life. This doesn't mean spiritual bypassing, it means recognizing the hardship, feeling the emotion in it and expect things are workingout even better than you might've expected. Give it a try and let me know how this goes for you!